How to Use a Wiki:

Wikispaces Video Tutorial

Click this link for videos on how to do things in

Logging In & Getting Started

  1. If you have an account and haven't done so already, sign in using the link on the top right of the wikispace.
  2. If you do not have an account, join by going to
a) While in the 100,000 Wikis in the Classroom page,
--- Choose a Username (You might use a pseudonym or use your first initial and your last name, such as jsmith for John Smith or perhaps go with mr-smith, etc.)
--- Input your password (Important: the password has to be at least six (6) characters long)
--- Input your school email address
--- For "Make a Space", if you want to have a free educational wikispace (no advertising) to use, click (toggle) "Yes"
--- Choose a Space Name (It has to be letters, numbers or hyphens with no spaces. You might choose a name representing your class, such as Bartlett-HS-LA for the Language Arts department for Bartlett High, or name the space after a unit topic such as Bartlett-Poetry-Wiki, or name it after yourself such as Mr-Smith-Science-Class, etc.)
--- For Space Visibility, choose "Protected". This allows only the people you select (for example, other teachers or your students) to work on and change your page
--- For "Educational Use", click the box stating that your space is for K-12 use (it normally $50 / year to anyone not in k-12 education --Wikispaces is free(!) for k-12 educational personnel)
--- Make sure you record your user name, password and space name before continuing
--- Click the "join" button
b) You will now go to your own wikispace. Record the URL (internet address) of your wikispace beginning with http: for future use
c) For right now, just press the Save button located towards the upper right of the wikispace. Then return to

Inserting Images

You can use the Visual Editor and buttons at the top of the editing screen as long as you are still in the Edit this Page box.
  1. Find an image in another window or tab of internet explorer.
  2. Click on the image. Right mouse click. Copy the image. Go back to your page you are working on in your Wiki (hit "edit this page" if necessary to get to the Edit box). Paste the image. If this works, go to # 9 below.
  3. If # 2 does not work, then click on the original image until you just have the image on your screen. (If This doen not work and you can't see just the image on Internet Explorer, then find another image.)
  4. Go to the top of Internet Explorer. Copy the URL address (the line beginning with http://)
  5. Go back to your page you are working on in your Wiki (hit "edit this page" if necessary to get to the Edit box).
  6. Click the icon button for "Images and Files" (it is in the blue line above).
  7. A new window open up called Images and Files. Paste the URL of the image into the box under the words "External Image URL". Click the "Load Image" button. A little picture of your image should appear in the window.
  8. To insert the image into answer, put the cursor onto the little picture and double click.
  9. If the picture that is inserted in your wiki page is too big, click on the image and reduce the size by dragging the little white box (located at the corner of the image) towards the center.
  10. Click on the image again. An "Image Properties" window appears allowing you to choose where to align your image.
  11. You may have to drag your image to the correct place on your page.
  12. Remember to follow copyright laws. It is your obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other use restrictions when publishing or otherwise distributing materials. Make sure you credit the sources!